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The curriculum is the tool that guides the learning of the student.  At the elementary level, our curriculum is designed after most North American school curriculum.  


Our Language Arts instruction includes lessons in Reading, Writing and Word Study.  Our teachers use a variety of lessons to guide students as they mature through the numerous stages of becoming fluent, mature readers and writers.  


Mathematics is taught in every grade level using traditional methods of instruction.  Students are grouped and taught according to their needs and abilities.  A combination of Saxon Math and Houghton Mifflin Mathematics curriculum are used.  


Science and Social Studies instruction include daily reviews of standards based Science topics and Geography.  QCS teachers use current publications from National Geographic Explorer magazines in grades 1-6 to supplement the Science lessons.  Students produce projects in both of these subjects to demonstrate learning.


The preceding subjects are taught using curriculum from US publications. The final component in QCS Elementary education is our emphasis on a Biblically integrated curriculum.  We teach weekly lessons in our Chapel, and our students have a Bible curriculum specific to their grade level that is taught four or five times each week.  Since we believe that God's Word is essential to our Christian life, our students are required to memorize scripture as part of their Bible instruction.  


Through all teaching God's Word is intertwined with the subject matter.  QCS holds firm to the belief that God can be seen in each avenue of learning, and we strive to direct our students to find Him all around them every day.  

Elementary Curriculum

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