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Secondary Curriculum


QCS is a college preparatory international school that integrates Biblical teaching.  It is the goal of the school to direct students to God's truth through excellent teaching while highlighting all truth as God's truth.  The secondary education at QCS is divided into two parts.  The middle school consists of grades 7 and 8.  The high school is consistent with schools in the United States with grades 9-12.  While there are similarities in the curriculum between middle and high school, there are differences too. It is the goal of QCS to use middle school as a preparation for students to be successful in high school.



Middle School


While in middle school, students receive instruction in the following areas:  Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Science, Bible and Physical Education.  Other classes that students rotate through include French, Art, and Music.  At the end of each semester, the middle school students take semester exams much like they will in high school.


High School


High school students have a number of educational graduation requirements.  Students are encouraged to never aim for the minimum number of credits.  The graduation requirements include: 8 semesters of English, 8 semesters of Bible, 6 semesters of Social Studies, 5 semesters of Physical Education, 4 semesters of Math, 4 semesters of Science, 4 semesters of a foreign language and 1 semester of Fine Arts.  In addition, students are required to take 5 semesters of Electives.  Electives can include Art, Music, Choir, Health, Anatomy, Poetry, Fitness, Sign Language and more.  QCS works with the students to create a strong academic transcript to distinquish our students as excellent in all educational areas.  


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